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The Doggo Blog: Obi & Alfie’s Adventures in Valencia

Obi and Alfie, Cobberdogs in a garden posing for The Doggo Blog first post

Hey there, dog lovers! Welcome to The Doggo Blog, where the adventures of our furry doggos, Obi (4) and Alfie (2), take centre stage. We’re thrilled to share our life in sunny Valencia, Spain, with our two Cobberdogs, and now we’d love to welcome you into our little pack too. Let’s kick off with the introductions:

Obi from The Doggo Blog in Juliusz's arms last winter when he had a very long coat.

Meet Obi

The wise and gentle soul of our pack. At four years old, he’s already a seasoned pro at bringing joy and comfort to our lives. Born to two therapy dogs, Obi has inherited their remarkable ability to empathise. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or just need a little extra TLC, Obi is always there with a furry shoulder to lean on. His intuition is uncanny, and he’s our go-to companion when we’re in need of some emotional support. However, Obi can be a tad sensitive, especially when it comes to new experiences. He spent his early days navigating the world during the COVID-19 lockdowns, which left a lasting impression on his cautious personality.

Alfie from The Doggo Blog waking from a nap on the couch in Valencia and waiting for a belly rub

On the other side of the spectrum

Alfie, our two-year-old bundle of energy and endless enthusiasm. Alfie’s motto in life seems to be “no fear, all fun.” He’s the embodiment of pure joy and excitement, and always ready for a new adventure. Alfie’s boundless love is evident in every wag of his tail. His zest for life is absolutely contagious.

Favourite pastimes – dog beaches, parks and more

Our little pack is often heading to the dog beach (there are two dog-friendly beaches here in Valencia!). These two love a good swim in the sea and we usually join them on sunny mornings for a quick dip. We’re also fortunate to have the Turia Gardens in Valencia, a beautiful green oasis that was once a river. It’s the perfect place for the pups to burn off some energy.

Obi and Alfie from The Doggo Blog at Port Saplaya dog beach at sunrise playing in the water
Obi and Alfie from The Doggo Blog sharing a fallen palm in Turia gardens in Valencia

We’re beyond excited to have you join us on this journey with Obi and Alfie. The Doggo Blog is a place where we’ll share our adventures, favourite spots and best doggo tips as we navigate life with our Cobberdog duo in the sunny heart of Valencia.

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